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I'm sick and tired of hearing about what a great hockey team the Soviets have. Screw 'em. Now go out there and take it. Every time I see that speech, every time I see these guys, it reminds me of that. The Strbiaks live in Renton, Washington outside of Seattle. Mark's been to the fantasy camp before. He died in , and the arena was named after him a couple years later for the 25th anniversary of the Olympics.

How the 1980 U.S. Olympic Hockey Team Created Its "Miracle on Ice"

He never got tired of growing the game and teaching and talking hockey, and he would do it in any setting. He would have a great time visiting with campers. He walked out. We won the game against the Finns, Herbie walked off the bench. We beat the Soviets, Herbie walked off the bench.

Arpin Moves an Olympic Hockey Legend

That just wasn't his MO, it wasn't his makeup. Everything that he did was for a reason. He had a purpose for everything he did.

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He wasn't comfortable really in a public forum. Not just family members attending the camp together - like the three father-and-son duos, Matt and Warren Ikawa, Jim and Michael Flanagan and Ed and Roger Brandt - but the family of players and now the growing fantasy camp family, which includes players and campers. These guys, besides this camp, now they get together around the country in different locations just so that the campers can see each other. He's been playing hockey since he was a kid, mostly street hockey, and started playing ice hockey when he was in junior high school.

Then he played club hockey during and after college. His son, year-old Michael, recently graduated from Marist College with degrees in psychology and criminal justice. He started playing ice hockey as a high school senior six years ago and played deck and road hockey when he was younger. It's so much fun to be able to do something that I remember as a kid, and Michael has obviously heard about it over the years but wasn't alive when it happened in Born in , Jim was in college at the time of the Winter Olympics, age 19 going on He's about the same age as some of the players.

There was no internet. You couldn't check your phone. So we were just listening to it on the radio and making announcements at the end of the periods in the mall.

On This Day: US Hockey Beats USSR in “Miracle on Ice”

While Jim lived through that era, Michael had to learn about the Miracle on Ice the way most young people do today. You really hear it in-depth, and it seems much more personal than the Disney movie did. Coming into camp, Jim's expectations weren't lofty. He had no dreams of winning a gold medal.

He actually won a bronze with Bill Baker's Dirty Dozen. We're here to play hockey, but we're not playing NHL or Olympic hockey.


We're a bunch of guys that love the game and want to just get to know the guys and learn and hear the stories. It was time for No. Paul Pelowski.

The crowd applauded, but there was no Paul Pelowski. Instead, an older gentleman approached the stage. Sorry," Paul said. Then he reached out to shake someone's hand. Some stories we can tell. Olympic team in , and the success of the family hockey stick company, the Christians are widely considered the "first family" of American hockey. Defensemen John Mayasich and Jack Kirrane were the top pairing on the blue line, with the last line of defense coming from standout goaltender Jack McCartan. After a surprising 7—5 preliminary round win against Czechoslovakia, the Americans throttled the overmatched Australians 12—1 and advanced to the championship round.

They rolled over Sweden and Germany, setting up their highly anticipated match with Canada.

The semifinal match-up would be with the imposing Soviet Union. More than 10, fans packed into Squaw Valley's Blyth Arena and saw the home team jump out to an early 1—0 lead before the Soviets roared back with two quick goals. But the Christians came through for the U. Roger set Bill up twice to give their team a 3—2 win, marking the first time in history a U.

It set up another visit with the Czechoslovakians, this time for the gold medal.

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Oddly enough, the gold medal game was slated for 8 A. It took a while for the Americans to shake off the cobwebs, as they slogged their way to a 4—3 deficit after two periods. And then they simply exploded. Six unanswered third-period goals later including a hat trick from Roger Christian , the Americans had a commanding 9—4 win.

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