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No Choice But Seduction

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You both should have patched this up before the holidays began. See that you do so immediately, if you both have to return to London to do so. I really hate to say this, but Lindsey needs to either take more time to write books that are worthy of her name or just stop writing all together.

Sorry, but that's how I feel and I'm seeing by other reviews, many people feel the same way too. Guest More than 1 year ago I absolutely love the Mallory Family. I love James the most and Anthony second. This story has all three. The story starts with the abduction of Anthony's daughter Judith. Boyd, Georgina's youngest brother is in residence since James and Georgina are chasing pirates in the Caribbean. Boyd and Jeremy rescue Judith. Boyd recognizes his former passenger, the married woman he wanted to marry.

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The lust for Katey continues throughout the book. Katey is extremely innocent and doesn't understand the lust completely.

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She falls into the traps of her own lusts. The story is great because it is the Mallorys with James and Anthony for comic relief, but I do hope Johanna breaks out into a different area soon. We readers accepted the first bastard son of Jason. We liked the second bastard son of James, but pulling a third bastard daughter?

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Anthony's bastard daughter? That is enough bastards in the Mallory family. Yes, you like Katey for her innocence, love of animals, and need for a large family. You still think the third bastard is a bit much. The reuniting with long lost family is getting old as well. If editors think this is what we want from Johanna, they may be wrong.

We love Johanna for her humor, humorous characters, and her creative new stories. I will always read Johanna, but I like creative new stories. Are you listening Brick and Mortar Editors? Let Johanna create! Anonymous More than 1 year ago I love all her books. Anonymous More than 1 year ago But I don't write reviews. I only read authors I like-- Nora Roberts, J.

This book kept up with the Malory family, but I felt like it moved too fast over Boyd Anderson and Katey Tyler's love affair.

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Basically, it should have been longer. Overall, still a great read, just fell short of the Malory standard. Luadri More than 1 year ago I love all the Malory Novels, but sad to say this one was very disappointing. The romance was nowhere to be found and the relationship was rushed. The protagonists spent less than half of the novel together. Guest More than 1 year ago Like the other reviews, I was looking forward to reading the newest Lindsey book but was disappointed.


I also felt there was no real plot line. Guest More than 1 year ago Johanna Lindsey is an exceptional historical romance novelist-I have read every one of her novels!

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Most are intriguing, humorous, and deliciously spicy! However, I must say this was not one of Lindsey's best works. The biggest downfall was the lack of character development of the main heroine Katey, as well as Boyd Anderson her beau. I agree with other disappointed fans that the main emphasis was placed on the Mallory family ties.

Most fans love the infectious humor of the Mallory clan but we would like to read about more than the classic Tony and James feuds! If you enjoy reading about the Mallorys but prefer better character development, I would suggest 'Captive of My Desires' as a much better read. Guest More than 1 year ago This book really let me down. The characters lack a connection that can be found in her previous works.

The book jumps around and focuses more on the mallory family than the love story building between boyd and Katey, in truth they hardly interact at all. Compared to the other mallory novels this book is very disapointing. Lindsey's characters are all distinct and each book builds on the one before it. I'm sad to see it come to end, because I couldn't put this last one down and will miss the Malorys and the Andersons.

But I wll admit that I almost gave up on the series because it seemed every-other book was a let-down Boyd had begun thinking it was time to settle down and get married and thought Katey might be the kind of woman he'd want. Except she was already married.

Or so she said. This book is part of the Mallory Family series, and Boyd's brother and sister were married to Mallory siblings in earlier books. Chapter one of this story begins at one of the Mallory family's households in London with a notice being delivered to the wrong address.

Malory/Anderson Family Tree

One of the Mallory children has been kidnapped, but because of the mix-up delivering the note, the girl's parents aren't aware of the fact for some time. They are, however, quite frantic at her disappearance. Boyd arrives on the scene, still thinking about the woman he met on the dock who travelled to London as a passenger on his ship, and becomes involved in the effort to locate the missing girl.

Meanwhile, Katey is travelling through the countryside, returning to London to continue her newly begun world tour, when she hears strange sounds coming from the room next to hers in the inn. Upon investigating, she discovers a girl gagged, bound, and tied to the bedpost. She frees the girl, takes her back to her own room and she learns she the girl is a kidnap victim.

Of course, it's obvious that Boyd and Katey, who had been thinking of him as much as he her, will have a chance to meet again. But, due to a series of misunderstandings and misinformations, they remain at odds for quite some time. The rest of the story is quite lively, and includes a night spent in jail, a pirate attack, the discovery of long lost relatives, and an interlude on a deserted island. Any fan of romance novels, especially those who like historicals, will not want to miss this one. Perhaps a little far-fetched at times, but definitely lots of fun and a very nice ending.

They're all funny.