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As she tries to figure out wh Read 7 stories that will leave you breathless…Each woman has a destined fate and an extraordinary story to tell. May BOOK Life on the run, with a heritage you never asked for, isn't easy for Taylor. The witches came at her hard, but she fought for a chance at life and destroyed Halo's Diamond so they couldn't sacrifice her. But now, the witches and werewolves want reven Sarah continues to fight for the people she loves.

She lives in hiding from the Blue Ring Immortals who wish to use her DNA to cure the virus that some immortals are inflicted with. Jackson comes up with a plan to throw the immortals out of power and There is cursing and violence. Warning: This series does have dark moments and is intended for mature teens or adults. This book does end on a major cliff hangar. Mild cursing. No sex. Sky Hammons tries to survive in an underwater city called Asha I live deep in the ocean and that's how we all survived the world's greatest catastrophe known to man.

Taylor, Jesse, and her best friend, Julie, are on the run from witches, vampires, and werewolves. They secretly pose as vampires and travel to Salem to get clues on how to save all the 'petals' from being sacrificed in an ancient ceremony.

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His precious touch could prove deadly… When Taylor Sparks moves from New York City to Big Bear Lake, California, her life is forever changed when she meets a hot guy with winter-blue eye This is ten stories from some of today's most exciting authors.

A star-studded anthology of thrilling, action-packed and Sarah Larker's world is crashing down all around her. She has a wonderful Immortal husband and a beautiful son on the way. But sadly, she is slowly dying. Victor desperately hunts for an answer to save her life. With everything on the line, they deci Sarah Larker is dying. Sarah knows Victor has been desperately searching for a cure without success.

Without a cure, she will never be able to carry her precious baby to You get two books for the price of one. Blurb: Zoey Sanders is thrilled to spend her senior year of high school in a medieval, gothic castle located in Scotland. When she meets her Three siblings fight to survive in a zombie infested world.

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When they get caught in a flood during a rainstorm, the group is forced to take refuge. They are thrust into a mystery they can't explain, and when things slowly begin to unravel, they learn The Zombie Chronicles - Book 2 - Dean and Nick will stop at nothing to save their sister, Val, who was bitten by a zombie.

This is the longest book in The Zombie Chronicles at nearly 80, words. Blurb: My name is Dean Walters and I'm eighteen years old. Each chronicle will feature Dean's struggles as he tries to survive in this new world. And thus the name, The Zombie Chronicles.

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I hope you enjoy this series, and thank you for giving book one a chance. Sarah is living in a perfect fairytale any gal would dream of. She is a queen, lives in a beautiful castle, and adores her warrior king. Jack acts with caution, while Mike brazenly jumps into dangerous situations without a second thought. He is constantly getting the three of them into trouble. Hopefully, in the sequel, we will see them break away from this and develop into more dynamic characters.

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While the plotline was a little farfetched at times for my liking, it was both thrilling and exciting. Peebles also does an excellent job with the imagery.

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Although at times she did get under my skin. Although, that can be attributed to what I believe is the target audience. I can also say that I truly enjoyed the unpredictable nature of the plot line. While the characters were a little stereotypical, the plot was nothing of the sort. Honestly, it seems like every other page brings some sort of challenge for the three teenagers. Hopefully the sequel with have a bit more character development, then we will be treated to the best of both worlds.

Peebles has already got the excitement, danger and action down. Oct 24, John Wheatley rated it it was amazing. Classed as young adult adventure and fantasy, this novel bubbles with energy and vitality from the very start. Three seventeen year old friends, two boys, Mike and Jack, and a girl, Casey, find themselves shipwrecked into a strange world which combines elements of Jurassic Park, Lara Croft, and sci-fi in a recipe which provides unremitting excitement, thrills and peril. It is both a paradise, in which the wonders of nature are given new and enchanting expression, and a jungle of terrifying dangers.

And just as, in the original paradise Eve had her own serpent to contend with, here Casey has to deal with her own conflicting sexual feelings towards her two male companions. In this sense, there is a rites of passage dimension to the novel.

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Also impressive, is the way that Chrissy goes beyond stereotyping her Jurassic creatures as merely scary predatory monsters; they have natural and maternal instincts and their behaviour is consistent with this. I particularly like the section with the hairy mammoth who, in looking after her baby, looks after them, and the T-Rex baby, newly hatched from the egg, who is quite prepared to identify a mother figure amongst the three friends.

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A further very distinctive characteristic of the novel is the humorous banter with which the three friends confront the challenges and dangers they meet. Towards the end, the story takes us into new territory, with hints of a Star Wars type conflict, and this where we will pick it up when the sequel is published soon.

Jun 21, Carl J. My biggest complaints include the overabundance of pop culture references, the overindulgence of teen hormones and the overabundance of asides. Oh well. Having said that, I though the story was very entertaining. I'm usually a stickler for plot and storylines that follow some meaningful path, so when I find a book that tends to meander, like this one does, but still keep me entertained, that counts for something. The action and twists kept me reading. The snarkiness and sassiness were refreshing, for the most part there were some cloying moments.

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And the story itself was sufficiently compelling, if somewhat inconsistent. Not to demean young adults I've met some with much more discerning tastes than mine , but I think they'll get more out of this book than I did, if only because the associations are more timely and personal than for someone who hasn't his teen years since Halley's comet last passed. Or maybe the time before that. Peebles does a decent job. If she tightens up her work, I can see her rising above the midlisters in YA. This is a serial novel and is cut up into smaller episodes. On this first episode, we find Casey Smith and her best friends- Mike and Jack- on a boat hanging out near the Fiji Islands.

Hit by a freak tropical storm, they are shipwrecked on a strange island, which has dual suns and some odd water and creatures. Will they ever get off the island alive? The creatures are not that welcoming and are not like any tropical island creatures this trio has ever seen. This was an interesting lit This is a serial novel and is cut up into smaller episodes. This was an interesting little morsel! I enjoyed the action filled writing, and there was tons of action in it.

No page was turned without something happening to these three.