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American war ballads and lyrics; a collection of the songs and ballads of the colonial wars, the revolution, the war of , the war with Mexico, and the Civil War;. American war ballads and lyrics; a collection of the songs and ballads of the colonial wars, the revolution, the war of , the war with Mexico, and the civil war;. American war ballads and lyrics: a collection of the songs and ballads of the colonial wars, the revolution, the war of , the war with Mexico, and the civil war;. Skip to main Skip to similar items. HathiTrust Digital Library. Search full-text index.

Available Indexes Full-text Catalog Full view only. Telling a lie twice doesn't make it true. Writer still not accepting that it was a attack by Pakistani forces not militants Completely biased article Kargil war an eye opener for Pakistan Army and showed them their true face in the mirror. I am pretty sure Pakistan Army would think times before launching any such misadventure against India in the foreseeable future. Checkout this Pakistani program by Moeed Pirzada, everything is explained who have planned, who were actually involved, what was the actual motive and finally what was the result.

Pervez Musharraf is the culprit for this Pakistani misadventure, which led to thousands of deaths on each side. He should be tried and punished for this blunder. This is a joke right. We sought US mediation, Escalation would have catastrophic consequences Oh Maan. You are wonderful people. Such a cheap, one sided article from Dawn is unbelievable. It seems like fantasy story made by a mother for her children.

What is the point of this article? Are you running out of articles, that you have to re-publish old ones? Will you now publish the article showing Pakistan accepting defeat in ?

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Articles like these do nothing but vitiate the atmosphere. Thought Dawn had a somewhat more matured editorial than the Times of India. Zafar Abbas kindly write the facts. The people who occupy kargil and Dras were no militants. They were regular Pakistani Army troops who sneaked in Indian control territory. This is actually is gist of this article and defines it's purpose. We have fought enough wars and the world knows the outcome.

Let's fight a Battle of economy growth now. Pakistani reired army officers admitted years later that army regular soldiers dressed as militants were sent to occupy the bunkers that Indian soldiers vacated in winter. This was Musharraf's brainchild. Still the author of this article has the audacity to spin yarns to attempt to alter history! Alas I will take pity on him for his feeble attempt to alter history. Why Dawn is a collaborator is beyond my comprehension. Enough is written in the International Media about the Katgil war I am not sure, why Dawn allows such useless propaganda on its website Indian's were so frustrated that they had to import more wood just to pursue Funerals of their soldier's dead bodies.

My father, a Pakistani prisoner of war in India | War & Conflict | Al Jazeera

From that time whole world came to know the strength, Combat ability and discipline of our Pak army and hence included in the list world's best armies. For Indians, please work hard to make your army better and competitive, rather than wasting time on false stories which are shown in all Indian channels on daily basis to brain wash Indians. Don't live in falsehoods. First the entire establishment of Pakistan i. It was just a militant attack. Later on both the government and the military accepted it was their attack. Whether India won or Pakistan won?

Both will claim they have won. Actual fact everyone knows. Why did Pakistan attack. To win? Someone wanted to show who is the boss? Also wanted to rule the country for sometime. Both happened. Did Pakistan gain anything?

Big brother’s bailout doesn’t mean Anil Ambani is out of the dumps

In fact because of their adventure they lost half of Pakistant in It was only because of the so called Punjabi mentality not to give the due power to the Bengalis who won more seats in Parliament. Can the writer blam Indians for that. Definitely the Indians helped in forming Bangladesh.

These type of writers only create more problem.

Who Was Tecumseh?

They will never improve. This article makes someone laugh If this is how pak medias showing their "unbiased" reports, no wonder why Pakistanis are against India. Not a great article. Indian army recaptured all terrorties. Pakistan suffered a lot both in terms of death and international isolation. It was a win for India by far both in terms of maturity it shown by not crossing loc and ensuring that world community understand it's situation. Hannan For your information your country holding a world record for biggest military surrender after WW2, remember fall of Dhaka in It's shame that Pakistani army did not even agreed to take the death body back claiming them as millitants.

India is professional, did what was right during that time. Proud of Indian Army. Everything is misleading and untrue! It was iniated by Pak army dressed in civil to occupy the area by the time Vajpayee returned from Islamabad and the army-terrorists combined had all high tech weapons and india realized it late and took heavy casualities, and Clinton total refused to mediate ordering Sherif to withdraw or face assault, in which Pak lost heavily, even did not take fallen soldiers or comrades for a decent burial.

I would request any writer or historian in Pak to write the facts and truth of history, not distorted or dis-informed to the public of pakistan, as is the case of war taught or published in Pak. Awesome propaganda!!! My blood pressure gets raised when I see such propaganda against india all time in Pakistani media. Hannan Do you really believe India had to "import wood for the funeral rites? Another example of Pakistan living a lie since its creation that shouldve never happened at the first place. This article is contrary to what unbiased reports of casualties say.

No doubt India suffered casualties, mainly because Pakistan army was a camped on Hills strategically still India fought back heroically. Also Pakistan was left isolated and shattered. Malatesh "there wasn't any major causalities on Pakistani side..

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Kargil finally and irrevocably established that Kashmir could never be regained by military means from India. Who killed the most amount of soldiers and left their families in shambles, is that what defines victory in war? There are close to countries in the world, yet only 2 continue to try to eradicate one another.

How about writing articles about the few times we had peace, the few occasions we came to one another's aid. The politicians, militaries of both these nations feed the people with hate for one another for a reason. When will we mature enough to understand that? This war showed us once again that Pakistan army is very strong and capable of capturing whole Kashmir.

Although Its old one But what a perfect example of misguiding people with bias and only fake Pakistani version of story This is an awesome and knowledgeable article I've ever red.

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Thank you sir for your precious words on war. Described the starting story of kargil conflict.. Few such points are 1. Nawaz sharif actually scared and begged US president to intervene when India declared all-out fullscale war. For proof, one pakistan caught alive with his ID serving in pakistan army.

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Because of this incident Pervez Musharraf led a coup 2. Pakistan soldiers were starving at the occupied heights. Even as a Pakistani I have to admit this is the worst interpretation of the kargil conflict.

Come on Pakistan we can do better then this. To all my Indian friends You guys unfortunately come from the mindset that Indian forces are too big to get a shock from Kargil but you keep forgetting that USSR was way bigger to get beaten by the Afghan Mujaheedin who were also present at Kargil. Pakistan always goes to war at the wrong time and I don't support Musharaf war from which he only ran away because of US pressure otherwise India this time was on its knees. No doubt Pakistan lost , however on this one please accept the bitter truth and don't trust your media for once. LOL - what is to remember about that date..