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And have been dining out on the tale ever since! I did write a short post the day it happened, and have just added it to the blog. Not far from Kimberley where there are diamond mines. We wanted to get a spare tyre and were told about a place, but were warned to be careful. It was a pretty dodgy part of town with lots of people and cars. Another guy who was working in the car park also warned us to be careful.

While he was gone, someone came up and begged for money, and someone else told me there was something wrong with the back of Clancy but I just ignored both of them and waited for Greg to get back so we could get going. But they were after his little backpack and tried to grab it.

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It had his passport, credit cards and wallet in it and there was no way he was letting his passport go! If it had just been cash he might have. Good move — that got rid of the guys and got people to come and see what was going on. So Greg rolled right under the car and came out on my side. Few scratches but that was all the damage, apart from a broken strap on his backpack. About 20 people came to see what was happening. In hindsight, I should have just leant on the car horn and made loads of noise.

Maputo Beach Road, Avenida da Marginal (1)

That would have either scared the guys off, or got people to us faster, so see what all the noise was about. Compared with the ish kgs of stuff we took over with us, we are bringing a mere 10kgs home, plus our laptops. No checked bags, just one very light 5kg travel pack each. We were very lucky that on this trip, our problems were minimal. Last time, we got our final puncture 2 kms from our final destination!

A minor radiator problem that a bottle of Bars Leaks fixed. Nights we have spent in Clancy since Greg finished building him — , over our 2 African trips and the 2 trial runs we did at home. Number of butane gas cartridges used on this trip — 8. We were able to use our electric hotplate a lot more than we thought we would. Leon at African Bush Backpackers told us about Manyeleti and recommended it as a good place to spent a couple of days. It had a horizon pool overlooking the kloof gorge, good facilities including coin-operated washing machines and dryers which we made very good use of AND beautiful azalea hedges that were in flower when we visited.

We were planning on driving north to Blyde River Canyon, then to Manyeleti, but when we got up the next morning it was so foggy we could barely see a car length in front of us. We crawled down the R and heaved a quiet sigh of relief when we were low enough to be able to see a decent distance in front. Headed north on the R40 to Acornhoek where we stopped at a shopping mall and stretched our legs and met a very dapper Car Guard … bow tie, shiny shoes and a lovely man.

When we got back to Clancy, he was standing close by, talking to a young Austrian woman. Then along the R to Orpin Gate. The entrance to Manyeleti is on the right, just before the gate. We paid the day fee of R55 per person, got a map of the reserve and drove south to Main Camp. Manyeleti Gate is about 4kms south of Main Camp.

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We parked Clancy on one of the campsites, which is a large area with a cold water sink, braai and paved area. Ablutions nearby were okay and people staying at Senate share those. We only paid the day fee for our first day there. Saw a huge herd of cape buffalo and wildebeest, antelopes, a couple of elephants. Next day we went out earlier in the afternoon and found a big group of elephants in some scrub.

There were 4 or 5 babies including one very tiny one, and I guess the rest of the females are pregnant. Magic stuff. Christa lives in Marloth Park and Lilli has been staying with her for the last week or so, having a break from camping, enjoying some home comforts and making a lifelong friend. At this time of the year, before the rains start, getting enough to eat is very hard for herbivores, so she feeds them pellets which are approved by wildlife experts.

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  5. They smell like grass, and probably have added extra goodies in them too. The previous day, they had seen some lions across the river, so we were hopeful that we might see some too. Christa belongs to a local Whatsapp wildlife spotting group that shares information about what is where.

    At one stage there were 4 different types of antelope there all at once. I even hand-fed a young Nyala buck! She makes a noise like a leopard and the warthogs run away! We shared a lovely braai, more stories and left feeling like we now have 2 more like-minded friends. Lucky us!

    I left a bag there and we had to go back and collect it the next morning. As we were leaving, Christa had a message from her Whatsapp group, letting people know that there had been a lion kill near the lookout. We had been there the day before, so headed back there to find a large crowd looking across the river at a group of 5 lions lying on some sand in the shade.

    Earlier in the morning, the lions had killed a kudu right on the fenceline separating Kruger from Marloth Park. The electric fence was wrecked and the dead kudu was lying just on the Kruger side.

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    Because of the cars and people, the lions had gone back across the river, but would return to the kudu later. And then the scavengers would come when the lions had finished. Distance to cover from Durban to Golela Border Post approx. Once you Processed everything at the border and back on the road again you will immediately be on the MR8.

    Follow the MR8 for approximately 70kms and turn right onto the MR Once you Processed everything at the border and back on the road again you will immediately be on the EN5. Follow the EN5 which becomes the EN2. Follow the EN2 highway to Maputo. With Bilene situated reasonably close to the South African Borders and km North of Maputo, Bilene is becoming well recognized as a top holiday destination in Mozambique, with hundreds of holiday makers flocking in every year to take advantage of Mozambique's glorious weather, glistening waters of the Uembje lagoon and the large variety of exciting activities to do in Bilene.

    To meet the rising traffic requirements, orders were placed with Avonside Engine Company for more locomotives with larger diameter coupled wheels, in addition to t. From Maputo we're considering either XaiXai but wonder if Tofo is worth the extra drive thoughts please.

    You buy your ticket as you get on board.

    The N4 Book - the road to Maputo (The Road Series)

    Jews were instrumental in promoting the extension of diplomatic military ties between Israel and South Africa. As a result MT 10, would now be MT Please enquire with us for an accurate price based on your specific date of travel. Long weekends. Maputo Plaza. Blasting has commenced with the next blast scheduled for August Please refer to notice boards for exact date.

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    The road will be closed during blasting approximately 15 min ;. Montrose to Alkmaar NX km Karino N Km Section Construction of the Tchumene Interchange in progress. Speed restrictions are in place; Deviations to be implemented, additional precaution and drastic reduction of speed required; Avenida das Industrias intersection traffic lights removed, and a four-way stop has been implemented;. Remember — rather lose a minute in your life, than your life in a minute!